Dental Implants

Dental implants are changing the way people live! Dental implants look and function like natural teeth. They provide a secure foundation for individual crowns, can support a fixed bridge for multiple missing teeth or provide a stable attachment for a complete denture or removable partial denture. Dental implants provide sufficient stabilization of upper dentures, therefore eliminating the need for coverage on the roof of the mouth, thus improving speech, taste and comfort. Dental implants also prevent further deterioration of the jaw bone. Patients who have lost teeth, regain the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence, knowing that their teeth appear natural.

Bone grafting

Over a period of time, the jawbone associated with missing teeth can deteriorate. This can result in poor quality and quantity of bone, which is unsuitable for the placement of dental implants. In these situations, most patients can have bone graft procedures done to enable implant placement.

Dental Implant Case Studies

Case Study 1

Implant Case Study 1a | Oakwell Periodontics

4 implant denture connectors.

Implant Case Study 1b | Oakwell Periodontics

Upper denture can be held in securely by the implant connectors without covering the roof of the mouth.

Case Study 2

Implant Case Study 2a | Oakwell Periodontics

Patient presented with no space for an upper partial to replace missing teeth.

Implant Case Study 2b | Oakwell Periodontics

After crown lengthening of lower tooth, an upper partial can be made more cosmetic without clasps on the front tooth by being held in by one implant. This also eliminates the stress on the tooth next to the partial.

Case Study 3

Implant Case Study 3a | Oakwell Periodontics

Patient never developed two front teeth.

Implant Case Study 3b | Oakwell Periodontics

Implants and crowns were placed therefore preserving adjacent teeth.

Case Study 4

Implant Case Study 4a | Oakwell Periodontics

Front tooth had severe periodontal disease and had to be pulled.

Implant Case Study 4ab | Oakwell Periodontics

The upper tooth was replaced with an implant and the lower teeth were replaced with a bridge.

Case Study 5

Implant Case Study 5a | Oakwell Periodontics

X-ray shows inadequate bone to place implant. Patient did not want her teeth cut down for a bridge therefore, she underwent a sinus elevation and bone graft.

Implant Case Study 5b | Oakwell Periodontics

X-ray shows healed bone graft with successful implant placement and crown.

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